A5 size in micrometres

The most common A5 paper size in micrometres is 148000 x 210000 μm. To calculate the A5 size (and other A sizes) in micrometres, you can use the calculator below. First, select the A-size and then choose the unit in which you want the calculation. The result is shown in the last column undersize.

A micrometre is a measure of length. The micrometre has the symbol μm. Expressed in meters, a micrometre is 10 to the power -6 (10−6). This is 0.000 001 meters, a one-millionth particle of a meter. Relative to a millimetre is a micrometre 0.001 mm.

A5 size in micrometres calculator

The A-size is standard on an A5. You can also choose an A3, for example. Select the desired unit if you want a unit other than micrometres. The result is in the last column.

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Overview A-size in micrometres

Overview of the A5 size in micrometres (μm). See on the left side the A-size and on the right side the number of micrometres.

Size Micrometer
4A0 1682000 x 2378000
2A0 1189000 x 1682000
A0 841000 x 1189000
A1 594000 x 841000
A2 420000 x 594000
A3 297000 x 420000
A4 210000 x 297000
A5 148000 x 210000
A6 105000 x 148000
A7 74000 x 105000
A8 52000 x 74000
A9 37000 x 52000
A10 26000 x 37000

Other units such as centimetres, pixels and meters

Choose from the units below for the A5 size in Millimeters (mm), Centimeters (cm), Meters (m), Thou (th), Inches (in), Feet (ft), Yards (yd), Pixels, Pica, Point and HPGL.